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Online News from the World of Vintage Photography:
The Photograph Collector -- Monthly Newsletter (by Subscription)

Since 1980, collectors, curators and dealers have relied on Stephen Perloff's monthly newsletter The Photograph Collector. The publication covers all aspects of the market for collectible photographs with analysis, facts, and candid advice, news from dealers and galleries, upcoming auctions and trade fairs and symposiums, and more.

Be-hold Email Newsletter -- Thoughts from the World of Photo Collecting.

Larry Gottheim of Be-hold issues occasional E-mail Newsletters dealing with some of the deeper issues of collecting photographs. Among the issues discussed have been auction presentation, "Photographica" vs. "Photography," the "ecology" of collecting, CDV albums and the origins of collection photographs, "Bird Watching and collecting," and the nature of stereo view collecting. - - You can subscribe for future Be-Hold E-mails online - to receive back issues, please request them in the "message" field when entering your subscription.

Photo Chit-Chat -- Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs.

Periodic news relating to vintage photography and photo-collecting. Recent notices include: Photography in Yale Darwin Exhibit -- Daguerreian Discovery: The Man with an Iron Bar through his Skull -- Special Exhibit: Cairo Carte-de-Visite -- Kevin Klein Produces Tintypes for Play 'Tintypes in Motion'.

You can subscribe to receive your Chit-Chat in email format.

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